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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) In Hallandale: The Factsheet Of This Problem

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Hallandale is a widely suffered problem. Many men battle this condition, according to statistics available for Americans, the number is of men who experience occasional yearly is more than 30 million.

For younger men, ED can be temporary, but as men increase in age, so does their propensity to suffer ED. In men above 50 years of age, the prevalence is around 4 percent while 16 percent of men above 60 are suffering complete ED where they are totally unable to achieve or maintain an erection.

With these numbers, many would think that ED is a natural consequence of age – but it is not. Many people have also allowed this issue ruin their sexual life, but this shouldn’t be so.

ED in Hallandale is caused by many factors (several of which are age-independent). They include:

Chronic Illness

Some illnesses (especially diabetes and cardiovascular conditions) greatly increase men’s risk of Erectile Dysfunction in Hallandale.

Drug Use

Abusing drugs messes with the body in more ways than one. ED is just one of those ways.


Accidents that affect the penis directly or the nerves and tissues surrounding it may cause ED at any age.

Some Types of Medications

Medication for many serious ailments may make it hard to achieve or maintain an erection.

Mental Disorders.

Emotional stress and other mental and psychological problems can contribute to a man’s risk of having ED.

How to Prevent ED in Hallandale

Health management

For those battling chronic diseases, it is important for their overall well-being that they take care of their health by:

    Taking prescribed medication in the right dosages. Maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels at acceptable limits. Trying to keep blood pressure at safe levels. Employing proper dieting regimes.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The health of the whole body impacts greatly on sexual health and performance. Therefore, it is important for men, especially those in the age range at risk of ED in Hallandale to make choices that will keep the body in optimum shape to lower their risk of it. Choices like these are necessary:

Losing weight by exercising regularly combined with the right diet.

Quitting unsafe and unhealthy practices like smoking, excessive alcohol usage and drug abuse.

Avoiding unsafe sexual activities.

Seeking professional advice at the first sign of health issues.

Eating well (not too much, and not too little)

Mental Health Should be Monitored

Many can attest to the fact that emotional problems are the underlying causes of ED in Hallandale and elsewhere, and when they are not dealt with, things only get worse. Anxiety and Depression can make it difficult (or impossible) to achieve or maintain an erection.

When this happens, it creates additional stress for the man and ends up compounding the problem. Anyone who experiences emotional problems should contact their doctor (even before it begins to interfere with their sexual life).


Sharing the details of sexual problems with the spouse is the first step towards finding a solution. That way, both parties can both work towards managing the problem and ultimately finding a solution to it.

Get Professional Help.

The final advise to anyone experiencing ED in Hallandale or if you just have questions relating to it, seek for professional help.


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