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How To Tell You’ve Got ED In Washington Heights

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that was said to only affect older men. Unfortunately, this problem which is already on the rise is affecting more men of ages 30 and 70 like never before. While some men in Washington Heights may simply believe that they’ve got ED because they can’t get or keep an erection, this might not be true if it occurs only occasionally.

It is just not easy to say you’ve got ED until you’ve been duly diagnosed and tested by a medical professional. This is because every man occasionally experiences difficulty getting or retaining an erection. In some cases, this can actually be completely normal. When an individual has had too much drink or is nervous such a person can have trouble performing in the bedroom.

At some time in life, men will always have to experience certain erection problems. But they aren’t likely to be serious if they happen only occasionally. There is probably a physical cause if these problems slowly but consistently become worse. Generally, this is how chronic impotence sets in. If you think you’ve got ED in Washington Heights, here are some helpful signs to consider.


Men with diabetes are at a higher risk of experiencing ED in Washington Heights. This is because they often suffer from certain health problems that can trigger the problem. There is a much-increased likelihood of ED for diabetes sufferers at old age. Sometimes, they even tend to experience such problems much earlier than other people.

Over-usage of Viagra

Contrary to most general perceptions, erectile dysfunction does not necessarily occur as a result of watching lots of porn and performing excessive masturbation. However, there is every possibility that a person can experience ED in Washington Heights due to an unnecessary use of Viagra to boost performance above normal levels. As a matter of fact, this can enhance the risk of psychological-related problems and even cause dependency issues.

Periodontal disease

A recent research revealed that men diagnosed with chronic periodontal disease are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. According to the research, bad bacteria can get into the bloodstream due to poor dental hygiene and impair blood flow to the penis.

Excessive erections

If you are experiencing lots of erections during the night, there is every tendency that you could be having low-quality sex which is a major sign of psychological-related ED. Many studies have recommended the use of ‘postage stamp test’ (which involves the attachment of a ring of stamps around the penis) to test nocturnal activity.

Poor quality intercourse

It is important to note that a person suffering from ED may still be able to get an erection and even perform sexual intercourse with a partner. What matters is the quality of the sex involving penetration. Such a calm can be ascertained when the erection is too brief or consistently too soft for sex.

No sex at all

A person can be said to have stress-related erectile dysfunction when he struggles to get an erection with a sexual partner but finds it easy to masturbate solo without any difficulties.


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