Erectile Dysfunction Pembroke Park

Using Penis Pumps To Treat Erectile Dysfunction In Pembroke Park

A penis pump is an effective treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction in Pembroke Park. It is an effective alternative if you have not responded to the regular oral medication treatment for erectile dysfunction or if the other Erectile Dysfunction in Pembroke Park treatment options caused serious side effects. Most people who use this treatment option for ED usually achieve an erection that is sufficient enough for sexual intercourse. The risk of suffering a serious side effect with penis pumps is low. Besides the overall cost is way below the other ED in Pembroke Park treatment options. Penis pumps are cost-effective because they can also be used with other treatments.

Perhaps more essential, are the many benefits you can get from using a penis pump (some of which include maintaining penis size and length after prostate surgery and supporting penile tissue health). Note that using a penis pump is not limited to only men who have undergone prostate surgery. Some men find that using this treatment option for ED helps them maintain their penis size and length if they want to improve their erections or since their nocturnal erections decline in number. Here are answers to several questions about penis pumps:

Do Penis Pumps Offer Better Erections?

Although penis pumps are proving to be a highly effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction, it can also aid men who want better erections and to sustain erectile function among men who haven’t had prostate cancer treatment. The main reason why penis pumps work well for ED is simple, using a penis pump typically improves the oxygenation of the penile tissues and promotes blood flow to the male sexual organ. It also cuts down the chance of cavernosal fibrosis development (an abnormal fibrous tissue developing in the penis). These benefits usually increase your chances of preserving penile function and penis length during intercourse.

In fact, a decline in nighttime erections can cause cavernosal fibrosis. Thus, if you notice a decline in your nighttime erections or you want additional treatment for ED to preserve penis length and function, speak to with physician about using penis pumps.

Can Penis Pumps Increase the Length and Size of The Penis?

While your penis will increase in grit and length when using penis pumps, the gains are just temporary. Some men who use penis pumps regularly (three to five times weekly for 20 minutes per session) insist that they can maintain a better penis length. However, when they stop using the pump for some days, their penis gets to its previous size, before the penis pump was used.

How Well Do Penis Pumps Work For ED Treatment?

Studies show that 50% to 80% of men like the results of penis pumps. As is the case with other treatment options for ED, satisfaction rates can decline with time.

Who Should Use a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps can be used by men with ED caused by:

    Diabetes Psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Poor blood flow to the penis Surgery for colon or prostate cancer.


Erectile Dysfunction Pembroke Park
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