For years, pharmaceutical companies have been chasing after hard-working, middle-aged men worried about their declining sexual function and disappearing erections as they are reaching the peak of their careers and family lives.  These men have always been able to encounter challenges and overcome obstacles to get them to the point in their lives where they are respected at work and revered at home, but they hide the shame in the bedroom of poor-performance.  Their erections are a distant stranger and when there may be some re-connection, often the strength or quality resembles a gummy worm more than a candy bar.

What about younger men at the peak of their sexual discoveries?  Often times, these men carry the double shame of poor-performance which is out-of-character for a young stud in his racing years.  What gives?  Why weren’t the early onset of weak erections ever talked about by their fathers and grandfathers?

Besides keeping up with the party, many members of this younger generation are prone to experimenting with marijuana and other recreational drugs.  These lifestyle choices which often include a variety of tobacco products have a detrimental affect on male sexual potency.  Tobacco has been linked to narrowing of the blood vessels of the penis resulting, over time in numerous degrees of sexual disfunction.

Although not widely marketed to this specific demographic, college-aged men are already popping their father’s Viagra pills recreationally. Why not offer these men a direct course of treatment of sound wave therapy to keep the blood flowing? That’s where RegenerWave can come in.

Studies show that sound wave therapy performed under specific conditions and protocols have greatly improved sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction and has even made it possible for men to be responsive to Viagra again after several years of resistance to the medication.  Similarly, sound waves can enhance the sexual performance (and size, for that matter) of patients.

Take pride gentlemen, RegenerWave lets you sow those wild oats well after your college days and help keep the party going strong!

About Dr. Katherine Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez has created and combined a unique set of medical protocols to elevate patients to their optimum state of health. The systems have been fine tuned for athletes, executives, celebrities and performers who challenge themselves daily to achieve their ultimate levels of performance. Dr. Rodriguez fine tunes each custom evaluation through extensive medical research, applied innovation and superb patient interaction.

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