Today, sexual dysfunction relies on treatment that is based on a proven set of protocols. The premier level of treatment, RegenerWave™, does so without surgery, drugs or pain. Using sound pulse therapy that is performed in a medical office setting, your 30-minute session will require no downtime or recovery for you. Instead, you’ll leave the office after your appointment and be able to look forward to being intimate that same evening.

How Does RegenerWave™ Work?

RegenerWave™ works at the cellular level of your body’s functions. Building on your body’s natural ability to both heal and regenerate itself, RegenerWave™ stimulates natural tissue growth as well as increased penile blood flow without the use of medications, surgery or other invasive procedures. Instead, this stimulation naturally energizes the cells, prompting an increase in the healing process while addressing the issues that lie at the heart of sexual dysfunction.

Combine RegenerWave™ With Other Innovative Protocols

RegenerWave™ sound pulse therapy can also be seamlessly combined with other treatments that use adipose tissue stem cells. These cells are then used to increase the male organ’s biogenesis. This occurs because new blood vessels are formed which improves the blood flow to the area as well as your performance.

Ready to unlock your optimum mental and physical performance? Dr. Katherine Rodriguez provides innovative and cutting-edge protocols — such as regenerative medicine, hormone replacement therapy, and more — designed to increase your sexual wellness and performance. To learn more and schedule a consultation call: 1-833-233-WAVE

About Dr. Katherine Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez has created and combined a unique set of medical protocols to elevate patients to their optimum state of health. The systems have been fine tuned for athletes, executives, celebrities and performers who challenge themselves daily to achieve their ultimate levels of performance. Dr. Rodriguez fine tunes each custom evaluation through extensive medical research, applied innovation and superb patient interaction.

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